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nba standings

1Indiana101.909-6-04-14-18-196.487.2+9.2Won 19-12Miami93.7501 ½6-13-24-07-3107.197.2+9.9Won 58-23Chicago64.6003 ½5-01-42-15-393.389.8+3.5Lost 16-44Toronto57.4175 ½2-33-42-03-597.897.2+0.7Won 14-65Atlanta75.5833 ½4-13-42-16-2102.399.3+3.0Won 16-46Charlotte66.5004 ½3-33-30-26-489.092.8-3.8Won 15-57Philadelphia58.38564-41-40-14-4103.2109.8-6.5Lost 42-88Detroit47.36463-21-50-13-298.2101.2-3.0Lost 13-7 Washington47.36462-22-50-13-4100.2102.9-2.7Won 24-6 Orlando47.36464-30-40-22-599.2101.5-2.4Lost 24-6 Cleveland48.3336 ½3-21-60-33-792.499.4-7.0Lost 13-7 Boston49.30872-32-60-13-493.499.1-5.7Lost 54-6 New York38.27371-62-20-03-593.799.3-5.5Lost 42-8 Brooklyn38.27372-21-60-01-596.5101.7-5.2Lost 33-7 Milwaukee28.2007 ½1-41-41-12-589.497.9-8.5Lost 62-8Western ConferenceWESTERNWLPCTGBHOMEROADDIVCONFPFPADIFFSTRKL101San Antonio101.909-5-05-11-06-199.189.6+9.5Won 89-12Portland102.833 ½4-16-11-05-2103.898.1+5.7Won 89-13Oklahoma City83.72725-03-32-15-3104.3101.1+3.2Won 37-34Golden State84.6672 ½5-13-32-16-4102.395.6+6.8Lost 17-35Dallas84.6672 ½6-02-42-13-3107.2104.2+3.0Won 37-36LA Clippers85.61535-13-42-17-3107.3105.1+2.2Lost 16-47Houston85.61535-23-31-14-4109.7105.9+3.8Lost 15-58Memphis75.5833 ½3-24-30-35-394.895.8-1.1Won 46-4 Minnesota76.53845-22-41-13-4107.0100.6+6.4Lost 24-6 Phoenix56.45554-21-40-25-599.998.4+1.5Lost 44-6 New Orleans56.45554-21-41-03-4101.198.7+2.4Won 25-5 Denver56.45554-21-42-23-6103.7103.9-0.2Won 15-5 LA Lakers57.4175 ½4-31-41-13-799.4103.8-4.4Won 14-6 Sacramento47.36463-51-22-23-596.199.2-3.1Won 23-7 Utah112.077101-50-70-21-889.3100.5-11.2Lost 41-9

patriots defeated the jets 49-19

pats are playin jets. still plenty of time to catch the action….click below for what channel its on in your area:

check back tomorrow for results if you can’t get to a tv

man cave

great news. my parents are let me turn the garage into a MAN CAVE.

baseball couples

I was walking to the store to buy my dad beer sunday and i saw this on the sidewalk:


People in love and who doesn’t like that? but I thought, let’s use these initials (MF + AG) to think about sports combos! In honor of baseball season, I researched some players and here are some couples that these initials could be for. 

 Mike Felder (MLB 1985-1994) + Andres Galarraga (MLB 1985- 2004)


Monty Fariss (MLB 1991-1993) +  Augie Galan (MLB 1934-1949)


Mike Figga (MLB 1997-1999) + Art Gardiner (MLB - 1923-1923) 

kissing in a tree


Marv Felderman (MLB 1982-1992) + Armando Gambino (MLB 2009-2010)



I’m sorry (and BIG NEWS)

I never spoke publicly about my anger surrounding KNICKS BASKETBALL NIGHT (see below post. 15 dollars what does that buy a basketball popcorn?) I posted the lebron lawnmower right afterwards as if there wasn’t even a feud.  Well feuds make life more exciting, but I admit I shouldn’t have lashed out.

But you must admit that I went above and beyond when I kept blogging anyway. Would kobe bryant lose and then just post about badass lawnmowers?  I was trying to be the bigger man.

But if you guys are still askin for a sports apology, then I can do that too. I’m sorry for yelling at you.  There. I’m new to the spotlight so sorry.

GOOD NEWS. this is last minute, no time for “hype it up” just gotta go for it.

My Uncle Frank lives in Oklahoma City and his boss is going to the game TONIGHT! you read that right.  Uncle Frank is gonna give his boss my number (as an early birthday present to me). So I’ll be camped out by the computer tonight to post score updates on this blog.  Its better than actual camping right? Please write in and vote what’s better. Sports camping by your computer for scores or actual camping? I’m guessing you sports fans will opt for computer camping, but the internet is always full of surprises. Wow I must say I feel so much freer now that I’ve apologized. church was right.

so stay tuned to this blog tonight for the big event. 

Watchin nba game and they’re showin future game schedule. What the hell team is “phl/bos”?? Something from the retard city?

check out how badass this lawnmower is. i bet only lebron james could push it

check out how badass this lawnmower is. i bet only lebron james could push it

bad news KNICKS BASKETBALL NIGHT cancelled

The first big project for this sport blog, KNICKS BASKETBALL NIGHT, (you can read about it here: is officially dead

I was only able to raise 15 dollars from my friends and family, so i won’t be able to provide live score updates from tonight’s big showdown between the knicks (ny) and the clippers.

I thought i had a really good idea that would make this blog more famous but good ideas need support and i’m sorry you guys don’t care.  I started this blog to do something different from the usual news and politics and computer business that’s on the internet. If you guys wanna go back to that world I can cancel this whole blog.

help the little guy so what if i wanted to make a site about sports